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Robotics from ground to space.

The Mission of the Field and Space Experimental Robotics (FASER) Laboratory is to develop advanced methods for robotic collaboration and construction on the ground and eventually in space.

Lab work

COVID-19 Response

In response to the current shortage of medical supplies, the FASER Lab is prioritizing the prototyping and supply of PPE to medical providers in the Blacksburg and New River Valley area. We are currently directing our capabilities towards face shields and a monitoring system for improvised respirators. For more information, see our recent news post.

Particular research focuses of the FASER Lab include:

  • Collaborative assembly
  • Innovative metrology systems
  • Autonomous servicing and repair
  • Modular design of space systems

As the FASER lab grows, the scope of activities pursued shall also expand into exciting new areas.

Erik Komendera

Erik Komendera, Ph.D.

Lab Director